Girls are always wondering why guys have this hesitancy to commit to a relationship so what I’m going to do today is try to expose the secret reason as to why guys are afraid to go from being single to in a relationship.
Right off the bat I’ll tell you that different people sometimes want different things. Some people are ready for a commitment after only dating for a few weeks, others can take years. So what is the waiting process and how does it work for guys and girls? I mean what’s going on in their heads? Well, when a person’s single there’s quite a few things that’s helping them keep it that way. It could be because they enjoy playing the field and having multiple partners, they could just be more focused on their own personal growth or the saddest reason, and they could just have zero luck with dating says Clapham escorts from
Either way the majority of us can come to this point of realization. That when we’re single, life is like a barren desert but when we’re close to being in a relationship, oh boy, it’s like everyone can smell it on us. And this could make the decision to settle down with a person a hell of a lot harder to do. Ha, you know what they say.
Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Why tie the knot when you can just use a stapler? Why buy a GPS when you can just use your phone? Why don’t these analogies make sense anymore? The point is, the reason people are hesitant to jump into things is because that means denying the opportunity for others. But hold on, that can’t be the only reason.
To be in a relationship means to be exclusive with this person. That you chose them over anyone else. That’s where the fear of failure comes in. You see, if you’re like me, you’re in your head way too much and you’re constantly analyzing what it would take for you to be in a relationship. The rational approach would be to take the pros and cons and see how this person is going to be influential in your life. To take note of any red flags that may pop up later in the relationship and to see whether or not your love life is important to where you stand right now.
The emotional approach is to measure how this person makes you feel when you’re with them and not with them. If you find yourself thinking about them when they’re not there, that’s a surefire sign that you want to be with them. To have them to hold you and to coddle you and to keep that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Both of these sound like reasonable ways to approach a relationship so why is there hesitancy? The real reason is that both partners are not on the same page. One is looking at it purely logically and the other is looking at it with raw emotion. And this could make things very difficult for the couple moving forward. One partner may want to get into the relationship quicker while the other feels they need to take baby steps to build a strong foundation.

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